The Last War

Thrane initiated the Last War by invading the southern regions of Aundair. Not much is known about what caused the War to start, but it is commonly accepted that the Thrane Royalty were in cohorts with powerful dark entities that convinced them to initiate the war. This theory is supported by the sudden increase in Thrane military strength just months before the first attacks. Early Thrane strategy was a quick and decisive seizing of Dwarven mines to fuel their armies and acquire vast wealth. The development of this surprisingly large military force did not go unnoticed by the nation of Breland.

Seeking to protect its own interests, Breland began to increase its patrols of the massive border between Thrane. It wasn’t until after scattered reports of the brutality from Aundair did Breland contact Karrnathi leadership to mount an offensive. It took a long 17 years for the nations of Karrnath and Breland to move to attack Thrane. This is a point of much contention today, many Aundairites suffered during these years, known as The Savage Days.

The first few years of the Karrnathi-Brelander Alliance (KBA) were shaky as it took a long time to negotiate the terms of the alliance. Karrnath was originally unwilling to enter into direct war with Thrane, instead waiting on their massive network of spies to gather more information. Even during the times of direct conflict with Thrane, the Karrnathi provided more of a support system providing information serving as scouts, spies and occasionally assassins. Brelanders with their large army marched into direct combat with the Thrane. The Brelander army was strong, but many key battles were lost and Breland suffered heavy casualties in what is now called the Mournland. It wasn’t until after the crippling defeat at Battle of Glowing Chasm that Breland turned to Karrnath’s darker side.

Karrnath’s northwestern region is known globally as The Demon Wastes. The Demon Wastes is an area of high volcanic activity, making habitable settlements rare and rarely visited. It is in these conditions that the ancient magic of necromancy is practiced and taught in isolation. Dark magics eminate from this region, but most Karrnathi turn a blind eye to this area hoping to stay out of trouble. It wasn’t until the war took a turn for the worse did the leadership of the KBA send a now infamous adventuring party known as The Leviathans to seek the aid of the Shadukar people. Their successes lead to high ranking necromancers being recruited to the war cause. With no shortage of death in the Mournland, there was soon no shortage of new reinforcements for the KBA. With this new force, the KBA quickly crossed the Mournland and into Thrane, occupying many key military targets. With the losses to the west, Thrane redeployed troops from the now entirely occupied Aundair. With this pressure released, Audair’s internal resistance groups could now become more organized.

Aundair began developing, in secret, technologies that would forever change the world. The first priority for the Aundair people was to somehow create an army for resisting the Thrane. The problem is that no one who remained was fit to fight in direct combat. Their solution? – Create soldiers. This is the birth of the Warforged. A small resistance group lead by a clever artificer named Cynthia Cannith. She was pivotal in the creation of the living constructs known as Warforged. The Aundair army now was able to liberate city by city. Eventually, many more technologies began to arise, including the creation of airships.
With Thrane losing its tight grip on Aundair, and suffering heavy casualties on the western front from the KBA, the Thrane Royalty was now under serious threat. It wasn’t long before the Thrane called for peace. A now famous meeting occurred between the four leaders at King’s Citadel lead to the signing of the Treaty of Kings.

Some interesting stipulations:
1. All Warforged are set free. Many people considered this a form a slave labor, and wished to let them live their own lives.
2. Necromancy was banned outside of Shadukar. Many people thought that this practice was unnatural and disrespectful to the dead.
3. Thrane’s monarchy was dismantled, and a new republic was instituted. This republic, however, includes checks and balances that include the other 3 nations, severely limiting Thranes power.
4. Thrane was required to cede all conquered territory, and pay reparations to Aundair citizens.

The Last War

The Last War DallasDresden