Lasher's List

Intelligent Items:
Karrak-dur the overmind (Circlet of Mental Onslaught)

Rod of Shadow Walker Level up
Lifesapper Rod
Rod of first Blood
Rod of Time Distortion

Wayfinder Epic Badge
Crown Jewel of Chessenta

Wonderous Items:
Purple Dragon Commander’s Ring
Ring of Fury

Feet Slot Items:
Cat Tabi
Winged Boots

Waist Slot Items:
Survivor’s Belt
Belt of Blood
Cincture of the Githzerai
Arm Slot Items
Charm Bracelet
Diamond Bracers
*Razordark Bracers
Warlock’s Bracers
Bracers of Wound Closure
Skull Bracers

Neck Slot Items:
Brooch of No Regret
Brooch of Shielding
Periapt of Recovery
Resilience Amulet
Lucky Charm
Raven Cloak
Amulet of Seduction
Periapt of Cascading Health

Lasher's List

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