During the war this area served as barracks for many of the troops for Thrane. Today, this area is full of retired soldiers still loyal to the Crown. Most of these soliders now act as the cities guard force.

Starwatch Keep

Once served as an advanced training ground for elite squads and special units of the Thrane military.

Fort Tempest

Officer Barracks, military storage, and jail.

Azlanti Keep

Once served as the area for basic training. Nearly every Thrane soldier trained here. Also the location where most of the war was discussed and executed, considered strategic command.

Pilot Island

Lighthouse for the bay area.


Foreign Quarter

Each nation is represented here and has a formal government building as per the treaty stipulates.

Ascendant Court

The castle of the former royalty of Thrane. Now they are but figure heads, but many in Thrane still recognize their authority.


The Coins

The common name of the central market. In the center of the coins is an open area where many sell goods in open kiosks. Away from the central area, the market develops into more formalized shops.

Merchants Quarter

Higher end shops are found here, but also where most of the merchants in the city call home.


The docks are always busy, as Dask is the largest city in Thrane, it receives and exports a great deal of merchandise. The docks also contains vast warehouses to store these imports when they arrive. The docks are also home to the crime underworld of Dask.


The Puddles

The poorest part of Dask. Socio-economically weakest area of Dask, it is home to many of the workers who serve as dock workers, and other low income jobs.

Ivy District

Location of Dask’s University: Tilred Arcanum. Includes University proper, student and master housing, in addition to the infamous mystical gardens.

The Petal District

Upperclass district of Dask, these are the wealthiest people in the city with exception to the royal family.

Wise Quarter

Upper middle class area. Also contains the cities temples and religious areas.

Precipice Quarter

Middle class area, also the area that you will be staying.


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