The nation of Aundair combines pastoral straight-forwardness with intellectual scholarship. Vibrant cities overflow with commerce, thinkers and magic, while a patchwork of countryside of farms and fields surrounds the highly populated areas with natural beauty. Aundair is famous for its mystic academies, said to be the best in the world.


Arcanix, its capitol city is also home to the famous Arcane Congress. The Arcane Congress is an ancient institution founded well over a thousand years ago. This exclusivity has attracted some of the most affluent families in the world to the city. This has also given a reputation to Aundair’s citizens of being snobbish and what is worse is that some hope to live up to the stereotype.


Aundair is ruled by The Council of Three, consisting of three native born Aundarites who are elected for life. The Council consists of:
-Councilor Daymar – an elderly Eladrin woman, at nearly 600 years old she has seen a great many things in her time. She was once the headmaster of the Arcane Congress, but now focuses her efforts fully to The Council.
-Councilor Rengard – a middle aged male Dwarf, he hails from the southern mountains of Aundair and represents mining industry.
-Councilor Silvius – a young male Gnome, recently elected after the death of Councilor Asner, an elderly Human who died of natural causes. Silvius is still unsure of his role on the council and has, as most new Councilors, looked to the other councilor members.


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