The Last War

The Beginning

Our heroes and heroines meet in a empty arena and drawn there by a letter from a mysterious gentleman. Warforge quickly descend upon them and are just as quickly dispatched of. From the shadows, they are introduced to their mysterious employer. Upon hearing the promise of treasures with a hefty down payment, the adventurers set off to Dask to speak with an associate by the name of Morgan.

Upon reaching Dask and contacting Morgan, the adventurers are not given much more information other than to investigate necromantic activity going on within the city. They discover a cult devoted to worshipping Vecna in the process of constructing a flesh golem. After defeating the blood golem and a few close calls, our heroes emerge victorious. It is then they discover that the mysterious man who sent them on their initial mission is a prominent figure in the highest echelon of Aundairian leadership. He is concerned with the power that Thrane gained during the Last War with their undead armies. It is now our heroes’ mission to destroy this emergence of cults.

The adventurers set out on rumors about a cult worshipping the King that Crawls but are sidetrack by Lasher’s former mentor, the wizard-king Addis-Ro. This is where we find our heroes, currently in the process of destroying the separated forms of Addis-Ro in his black monolith pyramid, Ebon Flame.

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