Welcome to your new campaign!

This is your new campaign homepage. I thought you guys might like this so that everyone can stay on the same page. On this I will post information so that you can access it whenever and where ever. Additionally, you guys can publish stuff to this site as well! So if you want to upload your character profile (or at least the parts that you want everyone else to know about) you can! Pictures can also be uploaded. Also, we have figured out how to convert character sheet files to PDFs.

I hope that the formatting on this webpage is easy enough that you can include interesting things in your posts. (see the right panel for help)

Please explore the wiki. There is some more helpful info there, and you can add on as well!

Click here to access information for the start of the campaign.


Please post your character in the character tab. There is space for your history, if you find that is is unsatisfactory, feel free to create your own wikipage for your character.

The Last War

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